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The Puke Monster

Something my son and I do that helps him understand the puke monster (actually inspired completely by my son)

1. Go rent Osmosis Jones the movie. (there are also cartoons on Saturday morning)

2. Explain that the virus is like the puke monster, the only difference is viruses can kill you and puke monster can't as long as you have the straw in the arm (IV) that gives you a drink.

3. Explain that the puke monster tries to go to the brain and tip the Vomit cup (seritonin) which when it is tipped spills (Slime) seritonin everywhere and the tipped cup hits the vomit button, then all the alarms in the body go off. The Zofran ODT tablet are the first solders to go get the cup to stop swinging and start to refill the slime (seritonin). Then they guard the cup so the puke monster can not do it again. If that does not stop the vomiting, then we must send torpedoes up the butt that will go in and find the puke monster (like patriot missles, but really phernergan suppositories). If that can not get him explain the puke monster is being tricky and hiding so next comes the green baret in through the IV (When the IV zofran or Pherergan stings) explain it stings because they are so powerful they will go get the puke monster.

We also now have Periactin. It tastes awful but it does because it is food for the solders that keep the puke monster in jail. The puke monster hates the taste and so not only do these solders eat it for food but they also spread it on the bars of the jail. Once he is injured he must sit in Jail in the human body. Unfortunately he does not die. We hope one day to find a medicine that might kill him forever, but right now there is none gentle enough for the human body that could still kill the puke monster.

Now you may not have the same medicines that we do but you can replace our medicines with the ones you use. Change it around a little. Soon your child can come to grips that this may happen again but not to worry, mom and the doctors will help you fight the puke monster. He may be tricky but we always win sometimes it just takes longer to get him into Jail. Always remember as long as the solders are there to help us fight the puke monster (they are with the help of the doctors and hospitals). He will never Win! Share with your son the number of hospitals just in your city.

Ginny, CVSA Message Board Moderator
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