Diana (kianamalele) wrote in cvs_support,

Pure Frustration!!

I just have to share my frustration and ask if anyone knows of a doctor in the Seattle area that has actually treated CVS.
So heres how it went today. I have suffered with this for almost 9yrs now. I have a dr that sent me to a gastro. inter. to have the scope test done AGAIN. The specialist tells me CVS and hands me information. This is how i found this site. Well that was 3 weeks ago,, so I go to my reg MD today to discuss treatment in the future. He has not a clue what CVS is. and he has NOT done his homework for my meeting today. I am appalled and discussded. I paid to see a dr who knows nothing and didnt even investigate for the last 3 weeks at all. Well, of course I had to tell him how dissappointed and disturbed I am that he just takes my money and has done nothing to find out about what HE sent me to a specialist for. Dont dr's followup on their patients any more???? Does anyone know of a Dr in the Seattle area that has treated CVS or has knowledge of it???? I would really appreciate the help anyone can offer as far as Drs in the area. Thanks for any help you may have to offer, Prays, health and luck to all!!!! Linda
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